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Writing My First Article...

The idea of creating original written work seemed daunting to me, a novice writer, and yet, it happened. I almost don't remember the writing. It's as if the act of sitting down to write is all that was required in order for source to send the words to my fingers. If you are just now remembering your intuitive gifts and their role in your life, might I encourage you to simply follow your gentle nudges. Trust they are from source energy. My trust into the process of flow expands the conversation with you from our clubhouse room on "Befriending a Tree" into an original digital article. It also further leans us into opening up to each other. Creating a blog can be beautiful shared dialogue. Source energy can now further assist in formulating this important discussion around intuitive experiences, surrendering, listening, following, creating and producing for the benefit of sharing messages of light. Which IS...why we are here...isn't it?

"I am a willing vessel of source communication", says my clubhouse profile. It is manifesting itself today! As I create, with spirit's generous guidance, may this encourage you to begin to embrace this state of flow.

I was asked... by my spirit team (claircognizance and clairaudience) to sit under my date palms prior to our May 3rd reading room (link to recorded replay below). As I followed this subtle and gentle guidance a brand new experience and relationship unfolded. My trees had something to say...! And, I listened.

Here is a photo of my new TREE FRIENDS...or as we might say for fun in the southwest, "My Tree Amigos"!

Here is what each Date Palm Tree had to say yesterday…

Date Palm Closest to the Water

"Thank you for bringing us here. Thank you for loving, caring and feeding us. It feels good to be wanted. We are an extension of Gaia’s love for you. We give you shade and seeds while we watch over you. We were asked to do this for you."

Date Palm Next to the Covered Patio

"I need nutrients. Parts of me are hungry and I need nutrients to grow."

Date Palm’s Frawns Touch my Youngest Son’s Bedroom Window

"I watch over your son, Michael. He climbs on me in his dreams and dances at my feet! I enjoy his energy! We communicate regularly. Thank you for bringing me here. Thank you for loving me and feeding me and caring for me."

Missed our Daily Reading can now listen to the full conversation! Here is our LINK to May 3, 2022 - Clubhouse Room Replay - Befriend a Tree

We welcome subscribers and members to post your submissions

I would like to invite you to join in this conversation today by posting your “Befriended Tree” photo and leaving a short share of how this connection with mother nature is improving your experience with spirit!

I look forward to your inspired posts!

Additionally, if this article is inspiring you to seek further as you may be considering yourself a PLANT Empath; having a natural attraction to plants, trees and flowers, according to Judith Orloff, MD., in her book, “The Empath’s Survival Guide, Life Strategies for Sensitive People. I highly recommend you seek out this book and or go to Judith’s website:

Judith suggests in this book that “Plant Empaths intuitively connect with nature understanding her needs and easily communicate with their spirits. They can sense what is needed to heal. Plants and trees talk to you and you can hear them”.

Lastly, a beautiful article titled “Japanese “Forest Medicine” is the science of using nature to heal yourself-wherever you are”, I discovered while preparing this post for is worth a look!

Hope you enjoy!

Let me know…Happy Tree-ing!

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22 mar 2023

You have a wonderful and relaxed writing style, Clair. I am sure you will enjoy nurturing your gift, as you write both for yourself and to share with those around you. I love your Date Palms - they seem quite introspective and insightful, and I enjoyed the article you shared on forest healing. What a great start! We have a small woodland opposite our home and another larger a few miles away that we like to visit. The larger one has many cycle trails around and through it that we follow on long summer days with the kids. And when its time for a rest there is nothing like sitting in the cool shade of one of those beautiful ancien…

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