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Are Messages Coincidence or Synchronicity?

How do we know when our guidance messages are TRULY for us?


Towards the end of September, I received a few synchronicities with validation guidance messages. For you in our spiritual know exactly of which I speak. For those of you brand new to The Clair's Corner and our Clubhouse Club community you might say, "Oh does this writer mean...coincidences?" Well, let's just say, I believe in a deep interconnectedness to alignments of a specific series of calls, text messages, songs I hear, shares from peers, card pulls and source messages for clients within a given timeframe or sequence...especially when I am working on or working through a specific area of new growth, forgiveness, seeking an understanding and or clarity in an area of repeating trials. See, many times what we share with others is also for us. What does this mean? Well, to me it means that I can receive guidance for someone's soul journey and the message coming through me or to me for them also applies to my journey. It is meant to be similar...not exactly the same yet close enough that in my awareness of my own experience I notice how closely my healing story aligns with that of another soul. This is divinely placed in my "take notice".

Let's explore...Coincidence means - a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection: they met by coincidence | It also means - correspondence in nature or in time of occurrence: the coincidence of interest between the mining companies and certain politicians | In physics is means: the presence of ionizing particles or other objects in two or more detectors simultaneously, or of two or more signals simultaneously in a circuit | 17th Century: in the sense 'occupation of the same space' | Coincide: to happen at or near the same time | When I asked the google machine, "Are synchronicity and coincidence the same? Here is it's answer: A coincidence may be synchronicity, that being the experience of events that are casually unrelated, and yet their occurrence together has meaning for the person who observes them|

When you set an intention to notice and observe... mere coincidences take on an entirely new meaning for you within the context of your 'Soul's Journey'. I am three years retired, playing in the fun sandbox of real estate remodeling! Finding gently loved homes and transforming them into newer more relevant re-sale styles with coastal, industrial with modern design influences. Most recently with the help of a trusted peer and realtor I've personally know since the late 80's, an opportunity presented itself to purchase a home with my two adult sons. This gives them the learning of applying for a mortgage, experiencing the purchasing process and working through a project re-design as not only owner/investors but also demo/install/designer/budget manager. It is more fulfilling to watch their respective experiences as true "first timers" than was my own. True adulting for a mother! They are also learning and exploring the possibility of having a long time friend become a renter with a legally binding lease agreement. Let's see how they navigate mixing friendship with money?! I love watching and natural teaching from life experience...beautiful to witness. So, why do I share all this backstory with you today...well, here's why.

I truly enjoy design...a hidden passion of mine that I have recently discovered. I wasted no time in "visualizing" a new kitchen layout or floor plan for "the boys home". It was quickly met with resistance from my life partner, Ron who is in charge of the construction; he used to build homes while in college. Let's just say we did not see 'eye to eye' on my "great vision"! because it's important to pause to point out to you my dear reader, this is where we tend to "get caught up" in my own dramatic story. The sad story of "my plan" is this...and if you would just do this "my way"... all will be well in the world!" Well, at least that is the way Stacy was perceiving it last month with "pure fire" in her belly!

For a full 10 days I was asking, discussing and maybe pleading with my spirit team..."please assist me in communicating in a way that WE may find a smooth resolution to this crossroad!" I designed the kitchen without the wall that divides the kitchen from the living room. This existing wall blocked the beautiful natural light coming from the north and northeast facing windows in the living room. Yet, this wall also contained the stove and refrigerator along with the air ducts into the kitchen. It was determined to not be load bearing...which allows us the flexibility to take it out and realize an "open concept" design. Being mindful of the budget, to relocate electrical, switches and outlets, water line for the refrigerator and most importantly the 220volt source for the stove & oven, I agreed it was a large task to break down, re-pull electrical wiring and water line yet it would be worth the time and effort. We will be gaining the open concept more desired in resale home buyers with the blessing of indirect light from the living room windows saving needs to "turn on lights and having a new line of sight into the kitchen and out to the front door without having to get up and walk into the foyer to see who's knocking!

We discussed several times with my sons present to figure out a compromise...which did not come easy. This is the next key area we get stuck in our healing journeys...we hold back and decide not to learn to speak up with love, grace and compassion those things we hold dear and are passionate about. Passion has been said to be defined as "love activated". Well, I am passionate about a well designed home and I said out loud in front of my sons and my Ron, "I feel strongly about taking this wall out and will fight for this decision while actively listening to the concerns and budget required to complete. Let's find our way through this."

Wow! This is a healthy solar plexus energy expressing up through the heart center and out through the throat energy in motion moment! Expressed Heart Centered Truth coming forth...this is big for me. Speaking with confidence. Especially within my family. It is a pivot from living small to living in my divine sovereign light aligned authority. It may seem trivial...yet tiny moments like these are MIGHTY for us alchemist. "If you can't handle the little are you going to handle the really big things in life?", my abuser used to ask. Yes, even those who come here to teach our soul (my abuser) also have light within is a beautiful transformational IRONY this spiritual awakening. The little nuances, tiny details due in fact...matter...take time to notice, journal and reflect.

Where is the synchronicity Stacy? It came two days after my vulnerable declaration of truth (funny and true) while traveling in Southern California. Our truck needed an oil change and I decided to take a yoga class. Ron decided to drop me off for one hour of yoga; a temperature controlled room with added humidity to yes, you guessed it, to sweat! After class I enjoyed a short 15 minute walk back to our hotel. I passed several local eateries, retail and gift shops only to stop at a boutique real estate office window where new real estate listings are posted.

What did my eyes see? I was drawn into a picture of a home listing (posted in the window) with a kitchen layout exactly like the one I was proposing for "the boys new home" in Arizona. As I leaned in for a closer look, I noticed this 4ft "wall" connected at the ceiling directly behind the 'cook top' within the island while the island itself extended beyond the wall to the right and left.

See this was MY SYNCHRONICITY! We must set an intention to NOTICE. This home owner utilized the wall to secure the vent hood for the cook top and the source of the 220volt electrical outlet required to power an oven/range. Our EXACT situation and now SOLUTION to the question...Wall or NO WALL? Okay, source...partial wall! And it looked beautiful, functional and designed on it is definitely UNIQUE. It is less common to see an island with the cook top and more common to see with the sink installed or with neither. And, here it was, on paper, in real time, in someone's beautiful coastal modern home...saying, "see here is how its done!" Spirit Rocks!

When Ron returned to the hotel, we quickly began to draft the design, copycat design (biggest form of a compliment) from our newly inspired unknown homeowner in Hermosa Beach, California. Thank you, whom ever you are! I am truly grateful your spirit team aligned us through your decision to list your home with this specific agent in order for my spirit team to align me to walk by after yoga to see "my answer to prayer", "my divine request for resolution", "my plea's for help" it whatever you feel most comfortable. I know without a shadow of a doubt this is "casually unrelated experience of events that when observed have meaning".

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