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How to Befriend A Tree

Stacy V.

May 4, 2022

7 Easy Steps to Befriend A Tree

I have a new friend, well…3 of them to be exact. They are a family of date palm trees in my backyard. They have been planted for a couple of years now and this is the very first time I set an intention to speak with them. I was preparing for our daily reading room in clubhouse. As I was reviewing the daily material from our room muse, Judith Orloff, MD, “Thriving as an Empath”, I received a prompting (claircognizant) to go sit under my palms. Then I heard a message (clairaudient), “Touch each palm and…listen”. Beautifully each Palm began to speak with a message not only for me…for the clubhouse listeners that had yet to join our dial in audio room. I’m certain spirit knew who was coming today…they always do…quietly and divinely aligning the souls that are meant for the messages sweetly and gently being guided in to listen, receive, reflect and then share from their heart centers. So, were do we begin to befriend a tree?

When we decide to set an intention to communicate with these ancient, sentient, healers, we can practice these Simple Seven Steps. Step I: Choose Your Tree Identify a tree you are naturally drawn too. You already know the tree..don’t you? You know the one…the tree your eye always seems to fall on. Your gaze cannot not look away when you walk or drive by it. It is calling you to join it and spend time within its healing energy. As you gaze, your energy is calmed and supported…notice how you relax? Step II: Tune In Set an Intention to tune in. What does your body experience? What emotions subside becoming calmed? Or, become aware of emotions that begin to well up from deep within your belly slowing rising through your chest cavity into your throat finally making its way through your sinus, behind your nose and eyes and out your tear ducks…tears begin to fall. This, my fellow intuitive, is a spiritual healing and release, in motion. It is brilliantly and divinely guided to you, for you, by Mother Earth. This IS an exchange in subtle energy…is it not? Breathe, close your eyes…and allow. Step III: Say “Hello” Greet your tree by saying “hello” as you would to a friend. Place your palms on its trunk. Is it smooth, rough, splintered, weathered? Experience its texture and its temperature. Some trees feel warm or hot while others offer a cooling sensation. Spend a few moments observing the tree’s state of being. Become aware of your state of being. Invite the tree to “blend” with you energetically. What are you now experiencing? Step IV: ASK Let’s close our eyes, take a deep breath in, hold for a count of four and on the exhale ASK, “What messages do you have for me today”? Then…simply LISTEN. Write down the very first words, pictures, smells, tastes and emotion that show up in your minds eye, your body. What does your tree say today? Is it a gentle message of kindness? Is it appreciating your presence? Is it assisting you with its ancient guidance? Or, maybe you simply feel reassured that all is well. Step V: Journal this Conversation By taking a few minutes to write out your experience you further connect into your soul; the sacred exchange with Nature Spirit Energy. Magic happens when we write! This simple act, is an acknowledgment, of the amazing cosmic insights of guidance bestowed to you through the tree from divine source energy. You see…you and the tree are created by the same source. You are one. The same creator that created you, created this living breathing creature of wisdom. Step VI: Trust By trusting your choice, your experience, asking and receiving messages and documenting this connection you begin to develop your spiritual muscles of growing and deepening your trust in source. Simultaneously, source observes you leaning in and begins to trust you back. See, when our spirit teams see us following our prompts…more nudges come. Then you lean in more, to connect and spirit responds stronger and clearer. On and on it goes…until you can no longer remember when this exchange did not exist! Pure bliss! Joy! Step VII: Plan Future Visits Knowing you will incorporate this practice regularly sets manifestation in motion. You let the universe know to prepare more conversations to grow spiritually. Remember, you are always manifesting. Your thoughts right now as you read this article are creating your tomorrow. What you think about matters. Let’s think about beginning a relationship with our favorite wise tree. You will begin to feel the ego-self dissolve and personality-self step aside as you surrender to the all-knowing, ever present, divine source energy guiding you, supporting you, loving you through her trees.

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