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A Love Letter

Stacy V.

Jun 13, 2022

My Letter from the Divine Source Energy ~ Channeled in Meditation

Every relationship begins with an introduction, a meeting, the beautiful experience of exchanging energy for the very first time. Can you recall your very first encounter with source energy? If you are reading this today, your relationship with Divine Source is not what it used to be. YOU are on a journey, like me. YOU are growing, deepening, maturing and being challenged to leave what you know...unzip and step out of how you used to be. This calling, prompting resonates...oh yes, it does my dear soul sibling. I understand your hesitation. I too, share in this pause, this tiny resistance to stepping out in blind trust and faith that everything you are experiencing is for you...not happening to you. I know it’s hard. I know it is scary...change, yet you are curious, aren't me. That part of you that is imagining what it might be like to embrace this nudge for a new experience. YOU may even feel a subtle stirring, a gentle "hum" within as your soul expands from its communications with your higher-self saying, "It's time...dear’s time to let go and move on." Yes, let your tears well up and out your beautiful tear ducts. Inhale...exhale. Breathe...and embrace your guidance today. Consider just how far you have come little one. Divine has never let you down. Divine has brought you this far...are YOU ready to go a little further. TRUST and KNOW that I AM. Please enjoy my LOVE LETTER from Source...received in meditation and automatic writing. The letter is it was given...please embrace the flow. Some of the words are capitalized as it was channeled. You will not find a typical writing standard. This is a Divine Message. Thank you for your capacity to receive as it was given. My hope is you receive exactly what YOU need in this moment...from the LOVE LETTER below to encourage, celebrate and support your Spiritual Journey at this time. Timing is key! Divine ALWAYS has perfect timing in mind FOR YOU...

My letter from Divine...

Today, we will write about the need to TRUST. TRUST is difficult when you are young as you simply do it and you do not realize it. It is something you are simply do, you TRUST. The problem is that as you begin to grow in experience and in age, the ease of automatically trusting those around you begins to be diminished and fade away. What causes this? Shortcomings in our human nature...we fall short of the pure light and love of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why would our creator put us through these situations of having shortcomings of or of experiencing shortcomings...the failing of other in our lives? It is simply a reminder that we need HIM. We are not meant to live separate from our creator in body, soul, heart or mind yet somehow as we grow and age and begin to experience what we experience in the world slowly and surely a small, subtle, separateness begins to creep in. IN between you and your CREATOR. Where...when you were young, this simply was not the could not, would not, nor were incapable of conceiving YOU and HIM or you without HIM. You simply existed through HIM and TRUST simply WAS...all intact, all in the embodiment of Christ Light Himself, Christ Consciousness beautifully weaved in you, around you, through you. I in YOU and YOU in ME, as ONE. One body, one flesh, one mind, one expression harmoniously working together flawlessly in PURE LOVE and harmony. All the while, not fully in the knowing of ME in your life, yet here I AM creatively, silently, guiding and protecting you each the way of a loving parent and guardian would do...full of devotion, of time, love and attention to you and your brand new life formed uniquely by ME for ME of ME with a unique purpose in share MY LIGHT and message of LOVE to those around YOU. Now I know that YOU are probably thinking this is amazing to read and how incredible would this be to experience freely without interference or judgement or critique of those around me? Am I right? Sure, I AM right? Sounds like the perfect utopia. Wishful thinking or pie in the sky type of day dream...good luck with that! Well, I AM here to tell you that is does exist...still, even if you balk or say you are a realist and have out grown your childish ways of complete and blinded trust in ME. YOU have simply forgotten ME, but I AM here and I have definitely not forgotten YOU my precious child, beautiful Son or Daughter. Do you not know my omnipotent power CREATOR of ALL large and small familiar with every tiny and precious detail of YOUR creation? Your hair color, your eye color, your personality, your wants, your desires, your likes, your dislikes, your hidden parts – not so hidden from ME - I know hear see feel every part of your being. Nothing is hidden from me child. As a protecting guardian of LIGHT, I watch over you with the utmost pleasure and joy. It pleases me daily to interact with you. There is nothing too great or too small to be considered insignificant for ME to bear witness to in YOUR life on earth this SOUL EXPERIENCE that you have chosen to be in with ME in full TRUST that I HAVE YOU in every moment of every day without fail holding you supporting you honoring YOUR FREE WILL of course and yet never leaving YOUR side. I do not get bored or become uninterested in YOU, YOUR thoughts, YOUR creative offering as WE are actually working together in every moment of every day. And to think or say or see YOURSELF as separate is utterly untrue, impossible as YOU are of ME and I AM in YOU working harmoniously in tandem orchestrating this beautiful body of work. YOU as my scribe and ME the ALMIGHTY CREATOR as AUTHOR, MAKER, SEEER, KNOWER gently manifesting for YOU with YOU ALL that YOUR heart desires and far beyond the reaches of your imagination at this time. IN time YOUR understanding will expand and be closer to comprehending the marvelous work that you are the willing vessel for source communication in this moment to our community amazing in a crucial and essential time of awakening. Let US begin today to work together to unravel these mysteries, YOU and I. Thank YOU for YOUR willing and faithful heart dear Daughter, dear Son of LIGHT. WE have missed YOU so and are delighted YOU are REMEMBERING and returning HOME to US with US for the collective return of GOD the CREATOR, the ALPHA, the OMEGA, the ALMIGHTY ONE who brings a message of HOPE, PEACE, LOVE and most importantly a return to the HEART. Unconditional LOVE is of the utmost importance to share, demonstrate, hold dear, hold close. DO NOT be swayed or tempted to lower YOUR LIGHT! NOW, dear Daughter, dear Son, is the time to SHINE. SHINE in MY Precious HOLY Name. I LOVE YOU. Sellah

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