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The Clair's Corner is a safe spiritual community for intuitive individuals that experience sensitivties to subtle energy.  

A Clairvoyant... sees energy.

A Clairsentient... feels energy.

A Claircognizant... knows energy.

A Clairaudient... hears energy.

A Clairolfactance...smells energy.

A Clairgustance...tastes energy.

A Clairtangency...touches energy.

A Clairempathy...access other's emotions.

We believe these are divine spiritual gifts given at birth by God our creator.

God is NOT religion.

God is




God is an





that desires a daily relationship with you.

We call this our Daily Practice.

It is a muscle that must be exercised in order for it to grow and be strengthened and matured.

You are a child of God.

You are HOLY.

You are guided, supported and watched over every moment by your loved ones, ancestors, angels and God.

All the power you cannot see is intimately and intricated involved in your life!


Because you are deeply loved.

You are love.

You are unconditional love at a Soul Level.

Love created you.

Love is God, God is Love.

God is ...All The Power You Cannot See.

God is working on your behalf for your highest and all times.

If you are reading is no accident.

You are meant to be here in this moment.

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